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santorum is giving the front-runner, mitt romney, a stunning run for the money. we'll tell you everything you need to know about the latest in this historic primary. >>> and game on. who can beat obama? while the republicans vote, president obama tried to steal the show. >> now, i understand there are some political contests going on tonight. >> what did tonight's results tell us about how a race against the president could go down? >>> plus, palin versus hbo. it's the game-changing tv movie that's got sarah palin fuming. and demanding this film about her swift rise be labeled fiction. we'll tell you why she's crying foul. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is a special edition of "nightline," super tuesday showdown. >>> good evening. i'm terry moran. tonight it was a rollicking super tuesday with ten states and 437 delegates up for grabs in what now seems like a marathon republican contest to take on president barack obama. tonight saw mitt romney and rick santorum locked in a dead heat in the criti
to pull together. >> can mitt romney regain his momentum? >> senator santorum is at the desperate end of his campaign. >> and how will republicans reunite after these bruising contests. >> questions for our headliner rick santorum. >>> then the white house on offense. >> mitt romney, rick santorum and newt gingrich, these guys have a fundamentally different economic philosophy than we do. >>> and on defense, after a tragedy in afghanistan. >> no one wants war. this is a hard work. >> that and the rest of "this week" politics with our powerhouse roundtable. george will, haley barbour, bill burton, nia-malika henderson and david ignatius. >>> good morning, everyone. george stephanopoulos has a well-deserved morning off. >>> it's been a wild week on the campaign trail with voters in alabama and mississippi giving rick santorum's campaign a lifeline. yet, in the all-important delegate race, mitt romney still holds a big lead with 496 delegates. romney has nearly twice as many as rick santorum and is almost at the magic number. but our headliner this morning has been on
in a decade. what will the wild winter bring to your neighborhood next. >>> extreme political makeover? romney winning the numbers game. but is he winning hearts? remember that sweater? that swigging? that bowling alley. is the mitt makeover next? >>> abc news investigates. is that ground beef that you buy at the supermarket what you think it is? tomorrow, will you be asking your grocer if they're pumping up the volume with something called pink slime? >>> and the billionaires' club. the rags to riches tales of the newest millionaires. how oprah's friend turned a girdle into a gold mine. >>> good evening. the u.s. government made it official today. announcing that this is the single-warmest winter in a decade in america. and here's what it looks like. two-thirds of the country, those states in red and yellow, have been abnormally warm. so warm, millions of people should begin bracing for the consequences around the corner. for one thing, experts say they are starting to see mosquitos swarming way before spring arrives. and tracking it all for us tonight, abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: hig
. >> mitt romney survives a scare in his home state. >> we by enough and that's all that counts. >> but at what cost? >> a month ago, they didn't know who we are, but they do now. >> can the front-runner translate that win into super tuesday win? questions for our headliner. the man who still hopes to play spoiler, newt gingrich and obama's top re-election strategist david axelrod. >>> plus -- >> she must be paid to have sex. >> rush rants. >>> it's time to change. >> a centrist retires. and sabres rattle on iran. all that and plus the rest of the week's politics with our powerhouse roundtable, george will, matthew dowd, peggy noonan, howard dean and jeffery goldberg. and christiane amanpour. >>> good morning. could we finally be seeing a winning streak? coming off those two crucial wins in michigan and arizona, romney won again in washington state caucuses. ron paul edged out rick santorum for second place. but the biggest prize yet comes in two days, voters go to the polls in ten states for the super tuesday showdown. 437 delegates at stake. can mitt romney win enough to final
>>> good morning and welcome to "this week." romney rebounds. >> thank you, illinois. what a night. >> can he wrap it up now and take on obama? >> this president is crushing the dreams and the dreamers. and i will make sure that finally ends. >>> and after a killing. >> i don't understand why this man hasn't been arrested. >> if he had been white, he wouldn't have been stopped -- >> america is angry. the president reflective. >> if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> was it self-defense or racial profiling? what it will mean for justice to be served? >>> plus, obama care heads to the supreme court. >> the law is that it's violation of our most deeply held constitutional principles. >> how will their decision shape health care in the future and this presidential race right now. questions this morning for our headliners. president obama's top strategist david plouffe and republican congresswoman michele bachmann. >>> and our powerhouse roundtable. george will, donna brazile, cokie roberts, matthew dowd. and terry moran. brazile, cokie roberts, matthew >>> good morning, everyo
and we start again. >> mitt romney takes super tuesday. rick santorum shows strength with conservatives. while president obama focuses on his growing economy. >> more companies are bringing jobs back and investing in america. >> and the prospect of war. >> those who are beating the drums of war should explain the costs and benefits. >>> topics for our headliners. senators chuck schumer and republican lindsey graham. >>> plus politics on the big screen. game change courts controversy. >> how do we understand this president? >> tom hanks narrates obama the movie. >>> and kony 2012 goes viral. that and all of the week's politics with our powerhouse roundtable. mary matalin, eliot spitzer, nicolle wallace, austan goolsbee and jake tapper. >>> good morning. it's been a packed week in politics. we have new results this weekend in the republican primary fight. five more contests yesterday. rick santorum won the big prize in kansas, but mitt romney claimed more delegates in the territories and wyoming. that means he still holds a commanding lead in the del
>>> this morning, the results are in. >> mitt romney stays out in front with critical wince on super tuesday. rick santorum battles back with his own strong showing. >>> parting ways. peyton manning being cut today by his long time team the colts. where exactly will he land? >>> the sun early this morning unleashing an explosion headed right to earth. >>> and what a rescue. the officers who ran toward this big explosion getting a big thanks from their own. >>> and good wednesday morning, everyone. we have watched the results come down throughout the night. voters in ten states making a strong statement about the race. >> mitt romney came out the biggest winner. perhaps not enough to regain any real momentum. let's look at where things stand. he took six of the super tuesday contests. rick santorum one three. newt gingrich only winning his home state georgia. romney's biggest goal was to win ohio, which he did. scott goldberg is live in that battle ground state with more. hey, scott. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. if mitt romney had lost here, many said it would h
in flames, heading right for america's top defense official. >>> romney on the ropes. after a bruising night, mitt romney asked why he won't stop talking about his wealth and his powerful friends. >> why do you keep doing that. >>> give me a break. a convict sentenced to life in prison, still collecting unemployment checks. "world news" investigations, $13 billion in taxpayer waste. >>> and mr. mom fights back. this diaper ad has american dads up in arms tonight. huggies, backing down. >>> good evening. after a tense week for the u.s. in afghanistan, there was another white-knuckle moment that nearly turned into a global crisis today. a truck, on the runway, just as secretary of defense, leon panetta was about to land. and moments later, the driver, an afghan that worked as a translator for american forces, went up in flames. abc's nick schifrin is in kabul to tell us what he has learned about this latest drama today. nick? >> reporter: diane, the u.s. in afghanistan is suffering from a cascade of crises. and the defense secretary came here personally today to reassure the troops the mission
to find a killer before he strikes again. >>> a big win for mitt romney in the critical state of illinois. so, what does it mean for rick santorum's hope of more delegates? >>> also, an emergency landing in alaska strands passengers there for two days. the travel nightmare we learned about overnight. >>> when you mess with nature, sometimes nature wins. one tree trimmer learned that lesson the hard way. >>> good wednesday morning, everyone. we're tracking a number of breaking stories right now, beginning with mexico. still shaking from that massive earthquake. there have been several, powerful aftershocks. one just hours ago. >> it is rattling nerves here no the border, too. the epicenter of the 7.4 quake was between oaxaca and acapulco. spring break destinations. thousands are americans are there right now, including malia obama, on a school trip. she is okay. >> the quake was felt hundreds of miles away, with office buildings swaying, sending workers intostreets. children clinging to parents. a pedestrian bridge collapsed on to a bus. amazingly, there are reports that only a few people
your vote on the president's home turf, illinois. a win there tonight will put mitt romney one step closer to wrapping up the nomination. and abc's jake tapper did the math on what that victory would cost. >> reporter: greetings from rom flee campaign headquarters. the polls have closed and it's too early to project a winner, but mitt romney is leading rick santorum. we thought we'd take a look at romney's long hard journey to the nomination, by the numbers. >> killing time before the illinois primary returns come in, mitt romney participated in a google-plus hangout this afternoon. >> i'm going to do everything i can to bring people together to accomplish what has to be done. >> so how close is romney to winning the nomination? let's do a search of our own. not even halfway there. romney has won 521 delegates out of a total 1,144 needed to win. we still need 623 more delegates. romney has amaced more than double the number rick santorum has won. so he's in the lead. there are 24 states and 1,200 delegates left outstanding. romney has to win 47% of them. santorum has to win 67%. qui
. mitt romney front-runner is heading into the big day with a victory at hand after winning the washington state caucuses with 38%. david has the latest. >> get out and vote on tuesday. thank you so much. >> reporter: if it seems like the candidates are moving quicker because they have a lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time until super tuesday. super tuesday. when voters in ten states go to the polls. more delegates delivered in one night than in the entire campaign. what is candidate to do in two days? lots of talking. >> i will never apologize for the greatness of this country. >> and lots of travel. ron paul thinks he is strong out west. newt gingrich ahead of his home state in georgia is at his virginia home today and will bounce into tennessee. romney hits newt's territory, for season it's tennessee, oklahoma and then ohio. ohio, that is the big prize. its swing state where romney could get it. >> if i got the nod of the people of ohio that would send a big statement. >> and santorum has a problem in ohio. he didn't complete all the paperwork and is at risk of b
talk israel out of bombing iran? >>> bold words. ann romney speaking out about her husband's wealth. barbara bush attacking the state of the presidential campaign. >> i think the worst campaign i've ever seen in my life. >>> young and restless. do your children snore? a new study raising troubling links between snoring and their behavior. >>> and the people's prince. we're there as prince harry dances in the footsteps of his mother. >>> good evening. we begin with new video of families running in terror from those tornadoes that rained down fury across the country on friday. this video shot as one of more than 70 twisters roars closer. the images a new reminder that sometimes the differences between life and death is just a matter of seconds. there is destruction tonight across 12 states. 39 people have died. today, survivors had to search for their belongings beneath several inches of new snow. abc's meteorologist ginger zee is in the hard-hit community of henryville, indiana, tonight. ginger. >> reporter: diane, i am standing inside someone's living room. you can see the kitchen b
coming in. this evening, rick santorum has won kansas. 40 delegates there. mitt romney and newt gingrich in a close there for second place there. romney did pick up victory earlier in the day. u.s. territories, guam, virgin islands. and look at this, mitt romney holds a commanding lead for the 1144 delegates needed for the nomination. so as the race now shifts to the south, the bigger question here tonight, is there any way the other candidates can wrestle this away from romney? we asked abc's david kerley to do the math and these numbers are pretty telling, david. >> it is pretty interesting, david. a win say win for santorum tonight, there's no doubt about it. but the math says that really he can't win the nomination. he can, however, help keep mitt romney from getting the nomination before the convention. santorum's big win in kansas was not a surprise and he wasted no time taking on romney. >> we're not electing a ceo, we're electing a commander in chief. and there's one person who has experience doing that. >> reporter: romney and gingrich ceded kansas to santorum. the real battle i
. conservatives are urging him to drop out and back rick santorum. david muir is with the romney campaign. >> reporter: called the romney reality, over a billion more votes, more states won than the other guys. yet the finish line is far off. >> i'm going to stay in the race because we're doing well. >> reporter: even if it is romney at the end of the fight, at what price? >> we haven't seen a republican candidate suffer this much, this badly, and finish in such a vulnerable position. >> reporter: what is holding romney back? in ohio, a telling number. when voters were asked which candidate best understands the problems of average americans, a full third picked santorum. romney's the first to face criticism that he's out of touch. al gore, they put him in the swerts and earth tones. four years ago, a more human hillary clinton. she cried. and who could forget when she took that shot. even barack obama, bowling. romney tried a visit of nascar, nascar teams. you can expect more of these, town hals, where team romney believes he does connect. where tech tiniest of voices make him more human.
in mississippi with a third place showing for romney. and polls chosing a short time ago in hawaii. romney is in the lead there. he won the territory of american samoa. >> what are the candidates saying this morning? tahman bradley is live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, rob and paula. e vn jell call voters made up 80% of the electorate in alabama and mississippi. rick santorum made ate southern sweep. >> we did it again. >> reporter: winning primaries in alabama and mississippi, he rejected the idea that mitt ev the republican nomination. >> for someone who thinks this race is inevitable. he spent a whole lot of money against me for being inevitable. >> reporter: santorum called on conservatives to unite behind him. >> the time is now for conservatives to pull together. time is now to make sure, to make sure that we have the best chance to win this election. >> reporter: exit polling in alabama and mississippi shows conservatives are split. half of the voters in those states said romney is not conservative enough and divided their vote between santorum a
finished 3rd -- mitt romney finished third. newt gingrich had 31% 1k3* mitt romney finished again third at 30%. in alabama santorum captured 35% and gingrich and romney finished with 29% of the vote. today's triumph has solidified santorum as the legitimate conservative alternative to romney. >> this campaign is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things, sort of like america. >> one of the things proved is the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable just collapsed. >> mitt romney has not made an announcement. romney is 472 and santorum is 2 to you are 4 and gingrich is 127. it takes 1,144 delegates to win the nomination. >>> a new roiters poll shows that more americans approve of the job president obama is doing. the approval rating is 50% of the the poll was taken last week on the heels of reports that 227,000 jobs were added to the u.s. economy. the percentage of americans who disapproved of the president now stands at 48%. that's down from 49% in february. >>> a timely lecture on the u.s. war effort in afghanistan. in berkeley members of the m
romney pulled off a win in wyoming, and rick santorum won the kansas caucuses. santorum received 51% of the vote with romney getting 21% and gingrich in third with 14%. with the votes still being counted in wyoming, romney is the winner with46%, and santorum's 29%, and ron paul got 12%. david curley has the latest on the contests. >> thank you! >> santorum was campaigning in missouri but his eyes were on kansas. republicans voted in state caucuses with 40 delegates at stake. form snowstorm took the lion's share. >> we have had a very good day in our neighboring state of kansas. we are going to win kansas and the vast majority of delegates from kansas. >> reporter: mitt romney took a breather saturday after picking up 18 delegates in guam and the marianas island. romney, not expected to do well be in south is encouraged by polling in alabama and mississippi which holds important primary on tuesday. >> morning, y'all. i got started right with a biscuit and cheesy grits. delicious. >> if romney can win a southern state from his more conservative rivals that would burn issues on electab
hoping to take him alive. >>> back here at home, the mitt romney campaign is trying to recover from yet another embarrassing misstep. this time, a popular children's toy is playing a major role in the political drama. here's abc's jake tapper. >> reporter: it was supposed to be a day for mitt romney's campaign to revel in its victory and try to get the party behind him. but then, a top romney strategist was asked on cnn if romney had run too far to the right to win in november. >> he hit a reset button for the fall xin. everything changes. it's almost like an etch-a-sketch. you shake it up and start all over again. >> reporter: an etch-a-sketch. the toy for children was there were rivals. >> you're not looking for someone who is the etch-a-sketch candidate. >> reporter: governor romney responded to the controversy, saying the issues he's running on now will be the same ones in november. >> i'm running as a conservative republican. i was a conservative governor. i will be running as a conser conservative nominee. >> reporter: now is the time for republicans to unite behind governor romne
's gut check time. who wants it the most? what do you say? >> the most-coveted prize is ohio. mitt romney used his organizational advantage to close the gap with rick santorum. the race here is a dead heat. ram knee is on a bit of a roll with a five-state winning streak. today could be the turning point in this race. momentum takes a back seat to math. going forward it's all about delegates. romney built a comfortable lead. it's impossible to catch up but just to tell them that. >> we'll win it. >> santorum vowed to stay in as a true conservative alternative to romney. >> they know his values aren't the values of the people of the republican party. >> the new poll shows that conservatives might be coming around to romney. 67% say they now have a favorable view of him, up from just 10 days ago. but the longer romney is in a fierce nomination battle the more banged up he gets for the general election. that same poll found among all voters only 35% see romney favorably. >> we have to get on through this process and begin to rebuild. this is probably one of the worst positions winning the nom
on the bellwether state of ohio. >> republican mitt romney is the apparent winner there. but the rick santorum campaign is not giving up yet. it's wednesday march 7th. >>> good wednesday morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. with ten primary or caucus contests last night, mitt romney is apparently the winner in ohio. but barely. carrying major metropolitan counties there. he's way ahead of rick santorum in the delegate count, but santorum says it's not over until it's over. you get a feeling he's going to be able to look romney straight in the eye and say hey, i can match you now. >> it was a big night for sure. we've got details in just a second. also this morning, the president's carefully timed news conference on super tuesday. while gop voters in ten states went to the polls, he focused on foreign issues mainly yesterday, including the looming nuclear threat in iran. does he think there will be another mideast war? the president essentially saying yesterday give diplomacy a time to work, give the sanctions a time to work. and something that's not rea
will be tracking those storms again for us throughout the night. >>> now politics, mitt romney is riding high after a win in puerto rico. spending the day on president obama's home turf, chicago, illinois before the big vote there tomorrow. tonight he's unleashing a secret weapon, his wife. jake tapper reports, tonight is a big test for ann romney. is she the closer who can pull in vital voters, the republican women? >> reporter: today at the university of chicago, where president obama once taught. mitt romney made his pitch to republicans. >> i represent a reclaiming of america's founding principles. >> but was his wife, ann, romney most interesting? >> what is the legacy we'll leave our children and grandchildren? i'm hearing this from women everywhere. >> music to the ears of cherry griffith, a romney delegate. >> i think she's a strong and beautiful woman. >> polls have him leading in illinois where he needs to show he can win the suburban voters and women whom the republicans will need in the fall. romney and santorum run even with republican men in the latest poll. romney beats santorum with
, to the republican presidential primary happening today in illinois. mitt romney has a slight lead in the polls over rick santorum. karen travers has a preview of today's race. >> reporter: mitt romney and rick santorum, scrambling for votes in the land of lincoln. romney admired the pancakes served at charlie parker's diner in springfield. and he saw in them, political symbolism. >> these pancakes are as large as my win in puerto rico last night. >> reporter: the margin was so big, that romney picked up all of the delegates at stake. romney's built a successful strategy by stringing together big wins in small contests. he snagged almost all of the delegates up for grabs in the virgin islands, guam, and samoa. romney pulled out tight wins in ohio. and some are showing very similar. on the trail, the candidates have been trading jabs. >> i don't think you're going to replace an economic lightweight, with another economic lightweight. >> i heard governor romney called me an economic lightweight because i wasn't a wall street financier like he was. >> reporter: romney's focused on santorum. been an off
. republicans go to the polls in ten states today for the super tuesday showdown. >> will mitt romney walk away from these races a clear front-runner, or will conservatives show up in big numbers for rick santorum? it's tuesday march 6th. >>> what a big day it's going to be. good morning, everybody. i'm rob nelson. >> and i'm paula faris. we're ready for super tuesday. we've got super tuesday. we've got selection sunday this week. >> i'm more ready for sunday i think. >> mitt romney is expected to do well today despite some mixed polls this week, especially in favorability. we're going to take you to the buckeye state, ohio, which could be the state that could make or break a gop campaign tonight. you know the slogan in ohio is the heart of it all, and that's kind of the heart of the campaign right now. >> it is a huge state to win. that's for sure. see how that's going to turn out a few hours from now. >>> also this morning is rush limbaugh's latest apology to a law student too little too late? his comments, his increasing loss of advertising revenue, and the young woman h
and auto at >>> good morning, america. breaking this morning, romney wins coast to coast on super tuesday. squeaks by rick santorum in the ohio battleground and turns his fire on the president. >> you have not failed. you have a president that's failed you. and that's going to change. >>> but romney's victories don't knock out his gop rivals. why can't he seal the deal? >>> also happening now, an end of an era. super bowl champ peyton manning, a four-time mvp, set to be cut from the colts today. why one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever hit the gridiron is headed out of indy. >>> bitter battle. christie brinkley's ex fights back against charges that he's a bad father. after the divorce fight exposed again this week. >> to have the world think i'm a deadbeat dad, it's extraordinary to me. i can't live with that. >>> peter cook's war of worlds the america's most famous model and the kids caught in between. >>> harry bolts. the party prince pulls a fast one over the world's speediest man. the hilarious moment on the track when he left an olympic gold medalist in the dust.
gingrich over 31%. mitt romney finished at 30%. in alabama, santorum captured 35%, gingrich and romney finished with 29%. romney did manage to pick up a win in hawaii. many say last night's wins raise new questions whether he could carry critical southern states in a general election. >> i this campaign is about ordinary folks doing -- this cam rain is about ordinary folks doing extraordinary things like america. >> one of the things tonight proved is the elite media's effort to convince the nation that mitt romney is inevitable, just collapsed. >> romney hasn't made a public comment. romney 472, santorum 244 and gingrich 1207. >>> californians who vote by mail could get extra time to get ballots in. state lake makers and election officials are worried that -- state lawmakers and elect officials are worried. they are considering extending the mail-in voting peer. election officials admit the move could delay results of elections by days or weeks. -- >>> why the head of california's high speed rail project says the overall cost is not as high as opponents claim. >>> alameda postpones vo
the romney campaign tried to get the other candidates to pull out. wielding a big endorsement from former governor jeb bush after romney's victory last night in illinois, and even using the symbolism of a children's toy, here is jake tapper, jake? >> reporter: it was an unusual day in the campaign trail. mitt romney and his group wanted to talk about his illinois victory but the debate of the etch a sketch threatened to erase all that. it was a day mitt romney was supposed to revel in his victory. and try to get the party behind him. but a top romney strategist was asked on cnn if he had run too far to the right to win in november. >> he hit a reset button. for the fall campaign. everything changes. it's like an etch a sketch. you can shake it up and start over again. >> reporter: the etch a sketch, the popular gift for children was today a presence for romney rivals. democrats produced a web video. and republicans could not resist. >> we are not looking for someone who is the etch a sketch candidate. you are looking for someone who writes what they believe in in stone and stays true to w
the economic boom. >>> southern showdown. mitt romney talking grits and gravy. does this mean he can seal the deal with a southern surprise? >>> grime wave. this man isn't shopping. he's shoplifting tide. the dirty secret on a bizarre, new crime wave. >>> and jaycee, who inspired millions of viewers, tells us how her life has changed today. >> i can't go there yet. >>> good evening. the economy is heating up tonight. you can see it in the stock market. the dow closed up more than 200 points, the highest close since december 2007. almost a year before the recession began. and we have news, tonight, about something else heating up those numbers. believe it or not, it is this record heat. the winter that did not happen. so, what's the connection? abc's david muir is here right now to tell us. david? >> reporter: diane, there's no question there's more than pollen in the air tonight. economists across the board, telling me today that this warmer winter is still bringing a swift wind. but for the economy. and tonight, here, the numbers they say prove it. across much of this country, tonight, t
. >>> and now, we turn to the political map and a whole new day for mitt romney, who seemed to have a new approach. even talking about his mormon religion today. last night, he won the arizona primary handily. and his home state of michigan in a much closer race. but as "your voice, your vote" proceeds to super tuesday, he seems to be looking to show another side. and abc's david muir is with him in ohio. david? >> reporter: good evening, diane. hard to believe less than a week, now, to super tuesday. and for mitt romney, after that close call last night, in his home state of michigan, a nagging challenge. how to better relate, better connect with voters across the republican base. and today here, an extraordinary moment when a supporter stood up and asked the governor, how are you going to show your heart? at a town hall in columbus late today, greg davis, a supporter so frustrated at the portrayal of romney as out of touch, said this -- >> you're a man with a vast business knowledge. but i know you have a heart. >> thank you. thank you. i think, like the rest of you in this room, by far
" -- super showdown. voting in ten states. the biggest test yet. can mitt romney put away the nomination tonight? >>> survivor's story. a mom who lost her leg, shielding her children from that tornado's fury. >> it's something that any mother would do. >> as her home went from this, to this. >>> stressed out. women stretched too thin. the simple test to see if stress is wrecking your body. >>> and remembering the music man. he wrote some of the most magical music in the movies. tonight, the secrets behind his songs. ♪ it's a small world after all >>> good evening. this is it. the super-sized night, usually changing everything. and the results are already streaming in. voters in ten states weighing in tonight. and already, we have some answers. abc news can now project mitt romney will take massachusetts, virginia and vermont. former speak of the house, newt gingrich, will take georgia, his home state. and in the all-important battleground of ohio, the exit polls show it's a two-man race, mitt romney and rick santorum. and our entire team is out in force tonight. next to me, george step
you left san francisco. >> they were smiling in the picture. >>> mitt romney picks up a key win in illinois he may face up hill battle in getting enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. next, the super help he may be forced to turn. >>> muni trims bureaucracy to save millions. the workers who are losing their jobs. >>> the deal that will keep alex smith on as quarterback. >>> drug we all have in our medicine cab it ins that could help reduce our risk of cancer, maybe even prevent it. q q q q q q q q q q q qq at lysol, we discovered a problem. the more products we touch around the sink, the more dirt can spread around the kitchen, and the more germs we can spread on our hands. that's why we created the lysol no-touch kitchen system. one no-touch solution for sparkling dishes, plus clean surfaces, plus healthy hands. because our mission is a healthy home made simple. lysol. mission for health. my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves. . >>> let's take a look at high temperatur
. >>> politics, mitt romney is celebrating his easy victory in the illinois republican primary tonight and rick santorum is looking ahead to the next contest. with 99% of the precincts reporting, romney wins 47-35% over santorum. but pennsylvania republican says he was happy to pick up a few more delegates and romney is shifting focus to president obama. >> day by day and job killing regulation by job killing regulation, bureaucrat by bureaucrat this president is crushing the dream and the dreamers and i will make sure that finally ends. >> one of the areas that the conservatives populate we are happy about that and we are happy about the delegates we will get too. >> romney has a total of 521 delegates to santorum's 253. it takes, keep in mind, 1,144 to win the nomination. the primaries in pennsylvania, santorum's home state and louisiana are next. >>> the cal state board granted 10% pay raises to the presidents of its east bay and fullerton campuses even though it is dealing with $750 million in budget cuts this year. and tonight leyland ye says he is ready to introduce legislation tomorrow f
. the big prize is ohio. mitt romney outspent opponents by three to one. and there is a close race. >> other states include tennessee, rick santorum is the projected winner. a second win in oklahoma where the latest numbers show him getting 34% of the vote. in georgia newt gingrich is the declared winner, romney is a projected winner in massachusetts, virginia and vermont. >> three states are holding caucuses tonight in north dakota, santorum leading with 52% of the vote. romney just is a% there. and in idaho no numbers have been released yet. in alaska caucuses don't end until midnight this evening. >> here is rick santorum. let's listen in. >> it's a signature piece of legislation that points this out. u.s. economic rights create bid the governor and to force to you buy insurance. to force to you take policies that you don't want. and this to force you to take coverages that may violate your conviction. >> that is rick santorum speaking live in ohio. he's ahead by a slim margin now over mitt rom nee. you can follow results tonight by going to abc 7 >> and there is three of the fo
's getting pretty nasty between santorum and romney. mitt romney and rick santorum. romney is calling santorum a liberal. those are fighting words, robin. in-mississippi. santorum calling romney desperate. >>> and a "bachelor" bombshell. ben proposed to courtney. in one of the show's most shocking endings ever. now this morning, one of the women at the center of that dramatic finale. lindzi who everyone wanted him to pick is now speaking out. >>> good morning to both of you. in case you missed it, let's take another look. new information about the plane you see there. off the runway in atlanta this morning. we're told mechanics were testing the engines when the brakes on the plane failed. there were no passengers on the plane. no injuries to report. and airport officials say this incident will not cause any delays this morning. it is a relief. considering hartsfield-jackson airport is the nation's busiest. >>> to other breaking news this morning. violent fallout from the massacre of 16 innocent civilians by a u.s. soldier. today, taliban militants opened fire on high-ranking officials
's the question is, will romney ever sew this thing up? >> that seems to be the question that we're asking every week. >>> new revelations about whitney houston's stormy relationship with her ex-husband, bobby brown. for the first time we hear from a true insider, whitney houston's closest friend. did bobby brown introduce whitney to drugs, we have that surprising answer. >> that answer is surprising. >>> also this morning -- the prankster prince. the picture that you're about to see is not prince william. it's prince harry, holding a mask, while on a beach in brazil, there's one sure sign that harry sees this royal mission we have been covering all week as a big success. and bob woodruff is going to tell us what that sign is. coming up. what a fun vision. >> very fun mission. >>> but first this morning, lot of news overnight. ron claiborne is here with the news. >>> we begin with breaking news and another stunning and major blow to relations between the united states and afghanistan, a u.s. service member has been detained in southern afghanistan for allegedly going on a rampage and killing civ
this a two-man race? why can't romney put him away? >>> courtroom showdown. tensions boil over in the day care murder trial. did angels and demons really drive this man to kill his alleged lover's husband? >> this is where it stays. he intended to kill him. he in tended to kill him and he in fact, did kill him. >> both sides make the argument to the jury in explosive closing arguments. >>> buried alive. an 11-year-old boy trapped in sand. and fighting for every breath. his brother's frantic call to 911 caught on tape and the miracle moment when rescuers finally pulled him to safety. ♪ the heat is on ♪ the heat is on >>> that heat is on everywhere. boy, rick santorum likes your home state. a big win in mississippi. >> the polls not indicative of that. >> he won both mississippi and alabama. denies mitt romney a knockout blow. puts the pressure on newt gingrich to get out. he doesn't cut into romney's delegate lead. the big question, can he make it a two-man race? will he push newt gingrich out? and can he take it all of the way to the convention? >> the heat is still on where that's co
state. good news for mitt romney with a third of the vote in, he's the leader so far. most of these candidates are not even in washington state. they're half a country away getting ready for the big super tuesday vote. >> reporter: while ron paul greeted voters. gingrich, santorum and romney sprinted into ohio. >> get out and vote on tuesday. thank you so much. >> super tuesday. ten states voting. and romney seems to have a spring in his step in ohio, closing the gap on santorum. >> obviously, if i got the nod from the people of ohio, that would send a big statement. >> romney knows his opponent has a problem. santorum didn't fill out all of the paperwork in ohio. more than a quarter. up to 18 of ohio's delegates could be out of reach. romney's campaign jumped out of mistake. calling into question the ability to run an organized campaign. and therefore, the country. >> gingrich joined in two. >> we have a number of places we've filed delegates and others haven't. so we have a chance to actually pick up a pretty good number of delegates. >> santorum tried to brush it all off
vote" all eyes on this south this evening. can voters suddenly change this republican race? team romney says the math is set. santorum tonight calls the math pathetic. >>> "world news" takes you back inside the danger zone tonight. one year after japan's disaster. our reporter reveals a no man's land, the wild animals left roaming, stunning lack of life. >>> the quarterback drama. two nfl superstars vying for the same job. the fans love them both. could peyton manning be replacing tim tebow? espn's hannah storm right here with her exclusive reporting. >>> and marching into the first class. on board tonight with the penguins taking flight where they're headed next. >> look. they're so cute. >>> and good evening on this sunday night. we begin here with that developing story overseas. an american soldier who went on the attack in afghanistan. one soldier from ft. lewis in washington state, who went door to door in an afghan village opening fire on women and children. tonight the villagers are gathering the bodies covering them in blankets, placing them in trucks, a woman there mourning her
. >>> also, major changes coming to the newt gingrich as mitt romney shows off his sense of humor in late night. >>> lost in the gulf. a life long friend in a fishing trip. a 30-hour ordeal, an agonizing choice. only one making it to land alive. >>> brace yourself, megamillions mania, let the true frenzy begin. we learned overnight that nobody won that $363 million jackpot. >> good morning, everybody. the fbi is now looking into just what triggered that bizarre series of events on board that jetblue flight. >> and those close to clayton osbon say they just cannot imagine what would have caused the veteran pilot to snap. passengers say it could have been much worse if not for the actions of some very brave passengers. we begin the coverage with abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: in amarillo, texas, the captain of jetblue flight 191 carried off the plane in handcuffs after his co-pilot made an emergency landing amidst this terrifying scene on board captured by cell phone video. passengers holding down the captain who has been identified as clayton osbon. sources say osbon began acting errat
states have hundreds of convention delegates up for grabs. romney is hoping to pull away from his challengers after today. katie marzullo is live in the newsroom. the big prize is ohio. >> reporter: it is. ohio is the most attention. some of that is symbolic because it is a battleground state in the general election. romney and santorum tied in ohio. analysts say romney needs to win to break away from the rest of the pack. they say if he does take ohio gop calls for santorum or newt gingrich to dropout will get louder. santorum feels he has a fighting chance. >> i know all the establishment is lining up behind the guy with the most money. we have courageous people here who stood by us. >> we just won our fifth state in a row with washington state, which is good news. >> reporter: romney is expected to do well in vermont and massachusetts and poised to win in virginia. santorum fighting hard for conservative evangelicals in oklahoma and tennessee. gingrich has georgia locked up. that leaves ron paul with alaska, idaho and north dakota. abc7 will have full coverage of today's electi
not settle that much. the race between mitt romney and rick santorum is very close including ohio. >> that is where caren travers is here for use good afternoon. and there are all eyes on the buck eye state there. is a tight race that could have implications nor the republican race going forward. mitt romney and rick santorum have eyes on the same prize. >> we're in a great campaign. i need your help. >> super tuesday, 10 states head together polls, 437 delegates on the line skpismt could be rom any's best opportunity to break away from rivals. >> during this campaign there has been discussion of all sorts of issues and i keep bring it back to more jobs and res debt. >> romney has seen a bit of a surge here republicans may be starting over romney. he picked up key endorsements. and both happen to be from states that vote tomorrow. >> he knows how to create jobs. >> and romney will likely emerge as the overall winner in the race for delegates. >> i think after tomorrow, math becomes almost impossible for anyone else, other than mitt romney to win this. >> don't listen to poll asks
's "your voice, your vote" tonight and puerto rico, they are casting ballots in the primary today. romney in illinois. let's bring in david kerley. what are the lines we know that mitt romney uses on his trail about rick santorum is that he's an economic lightweight and on abc's "this week." he had a chance to respond. i thought we would listen to both and then get your reaction here. >> we're not going to be successful in replacing an economic lightweight if we nominate an economic lightweight and i'm an economic heavyweight. i know how this economy works and i'll get it working for the american people because i care about the american people. >> okay, so are you an economic lightweight? >> for mitt romney to say he's the economic heavyweight, this is a man who doesn't understand, you know, conservative principles. conservatives don't go out and say, i'm going to create jobs and i'm going to change the economy. i'm going to manage the economy. just the opposite. what we believe in is getting government out of the way, creating opportunity and let the private sector do these things. >> an
the giant showdown called super tuesday. and today, the front-runner, mitt romney, was asked about a tape that is raising a new question about something he had said before he ran for president and something he's saying now. it's a tape obtained exclusively by abc news. and jon karl tells us more. >> reporter: in seattle today, mitt romney promised deep cuts to the federal budget. >> i am going to go through, one by one, and say, is this program so essential, it's worth borrowing money from china to pay for it? >> reporter: but in a long-lost video shot in 2002 by democrats and obtained by abc news, romney is heard promising to go program by program for an entirely different reason, to get money for massachusetts. >> i am a big believer in getting money where the money is. the money is in washington. i want to go after every grant, every project, every department in washington, to assure that we are taking advantage of economic development opportunities. >> reporter: these days, romney calls himself an outsider. >> i'm the only guy that hasn't spent time in washington. >> reporter: listen
jab at front runner romney. brought a minieven sketch poking fun at comment made by romney aide who said the former massachusetts governor would be able to reset his campaign after the primary. >> governor romney said that after the sketch flap he would run as conservative in the fal fall. i'm not going to run as a conservative in the fall. i am a conservative, period. [applause]. >>reporter: it's up clear how much money was raised tonight but over all santorum trails romney a hu by a huge margin. 5 million i don't know to romney 75 million. live inal month, abc 7 news. >> thanks for. that romney was endorsed today by former president george hw bush and his waive barbara. romney joined them in houston for announcement. former florida governor and george stayed out of the fray. >> apple manufacturing plant in china. audit at the plant found health safety and excessive over time violation. workers building and i.pad often worked 60 hours or more a week and not always paid for the over time. fox con will raws the weekly work time 49 hours legal limit in china and rais
big, he still has to convince republicans he hasn't already lost the nomination to romney. >> you don't believe that this race is over. you didn't get the memo. >> even that win didn't bring dividends. santorum netted 5 and romney has twice the number of delicates. romney will win and some republicans believe the bickering between candidates -- >> senator santorum has the same economic light weight background. >> he is only hurting their chances. >> governor romney called me an economic light weight. >> to beat president obama. >> leaving one to wonder if romney would say -- >> a series to come true. he suggested that it might be better to keep president obama than elect mitt romney jie. you win by giving people an opportunity to see a different vision for the country and not someone who will be a little different than the person. if you are going to be a little different we will stay with what we have. >> the primary calendar does not look great over the next month. it goes up to the northeast d
in the presidential race. coming off the super tuesday wins, mitt romney focusing on president obama. president obama focuses more on him. the general election is heating up. we'll get that in a minute. >>> look at this. the ignition button on a lot of newer cars. there are new warnings about how deceptively dangerous they can be. if you're not careful. are you accidentally leaving your car turned on? you don't realize it. >> i did it a couple of times. >> you did? it's hard to tell. it's an abc news investigation. >>> check out matt gutman. underwater under the ice, upside-down, risking his life in a daring adventure. >>> a major solar flare expected to arrive at this hour. highly charged energy from the sun hurdling toward earth. the pictures standing. sam can't wait to tell us much more about this. >> that may be the coolest part is the fact that we can show you pictures right now. we learn more about the sun every day. it regularly sends out these bursts of energy. the particleles that you hear about toward earth at about 4 million miles an hour. these pictures are from tuesday
. but when you throw mitt romney's name into the mix, look at that, there are only two points separating the gop front-runner from president obama. the issue of rising gas prices is not helping the president. 65% disapprove of the way that he's handling it. just 38% approve of the way he's handling the economy. >>> and speaking of romney, he is spending his 65th birthday campaigning in alabama today ahead of tomorrow's primaries. rick santorum is urging newt gingrich to step aside, saying a head-to-head contest between himself and romney should in his word happen sooner rather than later. gingrich is having none of it. of course he's not. instead predicted that he's going to win tomorrow. and we're also hearing potentially a rick perry-newt gingrich ticket. that would be interesting. >>> and the 2008 presidential race made headlines this weekend after hbo aired its controversial movie called "game change." it lays out just how sarah palin was chosen as john mccain's running mate. it's chock full of juicy insider campaign secrets. here's abc's david kerley. >> do you know what the fed is?
in just a moment. >>> also ahead -- chock up another victory for mitt romney. he's won the caucuses in washington, his fourth in a row, leading up to the super tuesday showdown in just two days and our very own george stephanopoulos will be here coming up. >> mitt has some momentum. he's had it and lost it before. it continues to be an interesting race. >>> speaking of politics, a rare and surprising apology from rush limbaugh overnight. the conservative radio host said he was sorry for insulting a female law student about her sex life. some are calling this a nonapology, however, and the question, will it be enough to stop his sponsors from jumping ship? >>> but we're going to start this morning with the frantic search for survivors with states of emergency in effect in a large swath of america this morning. after a swarm of tornadoes, nearly 100 of them. once-thriving neighborhoods now debris fields. this morning -- the death toll stands at 37 people in five states. however, we're hearing some amazing survival stories. we've got team coverage this morning led by abc news meteorolo
. >> and romney kind of tightening the gap with santorum in ohio, too. all eyes on that state. and front-runner mitt romney picked up endorsements over the weekend. two influential gop lawmakers threw their support behind romney. he picked up endorsements from house majority leader eric cantor of virginia, who promises romney will take that state tuesday, and on top of that one of the most conservative members of the u.s. senate, oklahoma's tom coburn is also now backing the former massachusetts governor. meanwhile, rick santorum says the nomination may not be decided until the party's convention this summer. campaigning in oklahoma ahead of tuesday's primary santorum says that romney has failed to "close the deal with voters" despite having a huge financial advantage. >>> vladimir putin is celebrating his definitive victory in russia's presidential election. but opposition groups say they don't recognize the results, complaining of widespread fraud. and today they plan to rally near the kremlin. the bbc's daniel sanford reports from moscow. >> reporter: vladimir putin appeared in front
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